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"Give to a cause you feel associated with and not to just a panhandler on the street. Help someone and help yourself. Tired of not knowing who you actually help? Give marbles and help someone’s dream come true."

Marblejars CEO and Founder, Robert O’Dell

Why Give on

What’s in it for anyone that gives to someone else? Let's say you give to a bell ringer at Christmas, or the homeless man on the corner, or another cause that touches your heart. We as humans are constantly bombarded with messages about giving to others, donating clothing and food, and the like. But how often do you really know who it is going to? You hope that who is suppose to get the donation actually is, but do we ever really know? In our

So why do you donate? To feel better, to make a difference, to lend a helping hand, to make the world a better place. It is our Star Trek theory -- give to the greater good of man kind and help others in need.

But many people, including us here at Marblejars, would rather give to a cause or person we feel connected to. Would you donate to someone here on the Marblejars website that says in their video: “Hey, I am a struggling motorcycle road racer and I need a new helmet for the 2008 season!” Maybe you would or wouldn’t, but we would, because of a true connection with that user (one of our owners used to be a motorcyle racer, so he has a personal interest, love, and support for fellow enthusiasts). So that's where our idea spawned from, and we ask that you help make someone else's dream a reality.

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